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Norbert Grillmair

December Knight of the Month

Chuck Rieger

January Knight of the Month

Ed McDonald

Janet and Ed McDonald -- January Family of the Month

Allan Crowe

Allan Crowe 30 years of service

Doug Fox

Doug and Huguette Fox December Family of the month

Tony Zupanic

Charity Appeal; Early Bird Winner

Tony Zupanic

Second (cash) prize in Charity Appeal Early Bird Draw

Ecumenical sign

Ecumenical Centre

Trinity Ecumenical Centre

Dec 9, 2019

Christmas Nativity Scene

Allan Crowe

Accepting bursary cheque for his grandson Evan Crowe


Donelda Lapointe accepting a Charity Appeal cheque for St Vincent de Paul

Haven House

Haven House

Emilily Crowe

Emily Crowe accepting a Charity Appeal bursary; she is a Student at VIU

Blind Bowls

Blind Bowls


Cassandra Student at VIU accepting her bursary

Crossroads Pregnancy

Crossroad Pregnancy






Pancakes Coffee station


Pancakes-coffee station





Ruben Perez

August Knight of the Month

GK Garry Shepp

Addressing the Canada Day crowd

Family of the year 2018-19

Norbert and Christa accepting trophy from Bishop Gary Gordon

Norbert and Crista Grillmair

2018-19 Family of the year

Knight of the Year

Mick Brzoza with wife Cathy, PGK, Aurel Muego and GK Garry Shepp

Mike and Cathy Brzoza

2018-19 Knight of the Year

June Knight of the moth

Ray Ricard

Mick and Cathy Brzoza

2018-19 Knight of the Year

Fr Joseph

With Canada Day MC Mike Paterson

Joe Dumas

Honorary Life Membership

Receives his council membership ID t

Novierito Larieta

Alex Khousaba

First Degree Certificate

Jim & Nora Loftus

May Family of the Month

Roy Kuziw

May Family of the Month

Mike Finch

40 Years of service

Ray Ricard

Ray Ricard Certificate of Appreciation for his work on the Christmas Nativity

Norbert Grillmair

Jan Knight of the Month for his work on our Charity Appeal

Gerald St Pierre

For Gerald and Erin's work with religious education & their young family

Chuck Rieger

DGK Rodger Lomas awards Chuck Rieger a certificate of merit for his work on our Nativity setup

Doug Fox

Dec Knight of the Month for his many contributions to council

Years of Service Awards

Pat Young 60 years of service and George Jeffs 65 years. Awards presented by SD Koon Ming Lau

Pat Young

Pat has served 60 years as a knight.

Years of Service

Presentation of awards for long serving knights

George Jeffs YofS

George has served 65 years with the Knights of Columbus; he is probably the longest serving knight in B.C.

Doug Fox

Doug is our knight of the month for Dec 2018. He has served in every capacity including SD; he is currently Treasurer of our council

Chuck Rieger-2

Chuck Rieger August Knight of the Month


Meeting our new family

New Family

Our adopted family







New Family

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Knight of the Year

Mick Brzoza with wife Cathy, PGK, Aurel Muego and GK Garry Shepp